Why Salman Khan called Rohit Roy a fat cow

In the late ’90s, the fitness inspiration of a country Salman Khan wanted to move on from the usual plump Bollywood heads to muscle builders. In the movies like “Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya” and “Veergati”, he didn’t hesitate in showing off his carve body so it mostly worked. The above lines are just to make you understand how Salman Bhai gives important to his body and fitness in extensive.

And nobody would know it better than Rohit Roy. What for? Because Salman Khan called him a fat cow. Not in the heat of clash although. When he was preparing for the movie “Kaabil” in which he had to look slim and younger, it was an advice Rohit Roy badly needed.

Earlier this year, the actor Rohit Roy face a major change before shooting for the movie Kaabil. Evidently, before shooting for the movie, the actor met Salman Khan and proved the superstar’s guidance to be a inflection point that resulted in months of workouts and dieting for Rohit.

Rohit says,”One has to look right for a role, and every project’s demands are different.” “I really had to work hard to lose weight for my character in “Kaabil“. I had to look as if I were in my 30s. But what Salman had to saywas a much-needed shot in the arm for me. Like always, he minced no words in saying that I had become a fat cow. He said that I should stop making excuses, because everyone has problems. That’s the day I turned it around.”

Rohit says, “I completely changed up his diet ans workout to shed weight. He adds,”I cut out alcohol, desserted and fried food to begin with. My dinner had zero carbs. Losing weight is not rocket science. I also changed my workout: I used to run for an hour everyday for two months, come what may.”

As a result, Rohit looked muscular and younger in the movie Kaabil where the movie released earlier this year, but he is not in the mood to stop.

As he is in love with his new look and got many compliments, he gives continuity to his exercise. He says, “The transformation in itself was tough, but it’s been tougher to maintain the results. So, now my entire lifestyle has changed, especially my food habits. I measure the food I eat, and haven’t missed a gym day even while travelling. It’s because part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth.”

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