Karthika Nair gets shocked after Someone had her number in Bollywood

The actress, Karthika Nair just like her mother, she was happy doing movies down South. But as luck, the actress is all set to make her TV debut with the Hindi TV series “Aarambh”.

Karthika says, “I never tried my luck in Bollywood and TV as I was quite happy doing films down South. I was quite familiar with the south film industry as my mother had worked there in films for several years.” She replies, “I was too scared to step out of my comfort zone and work in a different industry. This is the reason I refused Goldie sir (filmmaker Goldie Behl) when he first approached me for the role of Devasena in his serial” when asked her what made her say yes to TV. “In fact, I was shocked that someone in Bollywood had my mobile number. My first question to him was, “Who gave you my mobile number?” But finally, after some persuasion, and after reading the script, I said yes, also because it is a finite series and shooting for it is like shooting a movie” she adds.

From doing TV some actresses might shy away, but on this point Karthika has a clear opinion. She questions, “When Indian film actresses like Priyanka Chopra can work in Hollywood TV series, why can’t they work in fictional shows on TV here? What’s the harm on doing a TV serial?”

Quite happy Karthika with the success of the movie “Baahubali“, says that finally, the South Indian industry is getting it’s due. She says, “Before “Baahubali“, people thought that only those dubbed movies with mindless scripts that are aired on TV are made down South. But of late, several South Indian movies have been remade in Bollywood, and now we have a “Baahubali” too. So moviegoers now know that South Indian movies have sensible scripts too. The film industry down South is growing by leaps and bounds.”

Karthika who graduate from the London School of Economics (LSE), says she never wanted to be an actress. She says, “While my mom is an actress, my father is a hotelier. So I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. But when I started getting offers for movies because people in the South industry knew my mom, and my whole focus shifted towards acting. However, I completed my studies from LSE as I wanted to have a back-up plan if I failed in movies.”

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