For international projects Ali Fazal won’t sacrifice Bollywood career

Ali Fazal is enjoying a career high with films happening both in India and abroad. Expressing his happiness, the 2013 film “Fukrey” actor says that he wants to balance his career in Mumbai and outside India. Ali is clear that nothing’s worth sacrificing his Bollywood career for, though it won’t be easy.

Ali says, “Now I have reached a stage in Bollywood where even if I’m not present physically, films are happening and I have projects till 2018 at hand. So I won’t be missing out on action in any way. The idea is to open up globally on a world stage rather than Hollywood or Bollywood. For me, it’s a new beginning in Los Angeles and UK. I need to focus there a little bit more. But that doesn’t mean I am going to not work in Bollywood. I am not going to disconnect from Bollywood or sacrifice my career in the industry for international projects. Everything began here and I respect that,” who will next be seen in the sequel of “Fukrey” and the Judi Dench starrer Victoria and Abdul.

At the moment he is planning to balance his work and time so that he doesn’t miss out on good film offers that come his way, adds the 31-years old actor. Ali says, “It’s very important at this point in my career. Also, Mumbai is home, so nothing can take me away from the city. If not anything else, I must come back for food.”
He feels now it’s a great time for actors and directors all over the world. Ali adds, “A lot of collaborations are happening. Actors from India are getting good opportunities abroad because now they are not seen as individuals but as actors, and are being considered for important roles.”

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